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Whether it’s time to service an A/C, clear gutters, wash the baseboards or tidy the creepiest attic. We have the experience, equipment and energy to refurbish, optimize and maintain a house’s critical systems. 


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Residential Maintenance Company

is committed to bringing out the best of our client’s domicile. We aim to approach every situation with humility and respect, with an emphasis on preserving structures and enriching an owner’s relationship with the space called, “home”.

We are a vibrant, eager enterprise with a focus on Western Connecticut. Our team consists of owner operators who thrive on quality, efficient work such as;

  • Weekly Cleanings

  • House Washing

  • Appliance Maintenance

  • Seasonal Maintenance

  • Last Foot Moving

  • Storage Tidy

The critical task of upkeep is a daunting undertaking and often requires specialized equipment. While, if a structure or system within is allowed to idle without regular cleaning, repair and refininshing, it’s value will diminish. Our partners aim to provide service to homeowners to best utilize property now, while ensuring the vested space will retain it’s value for years.